Air Filter Replacement Birmingham AL

Air Filter Replacement Birmingham AL

Just as the oil in your car needs to be replaced so your air filters. There are various air filters on vehicles including an engine air filter, oil filter, cabin air filter and fuel filter. Each filter works to keep debris and unwanted particles out of your car and powertrain. Making sure these filters are clean is important to the overall performance of your vehicle. Not replacing the air filters on your vehicle can lead to decreased gas mileage and lowering of engine performance. Dirty air filters can also cause your vehicle to ride rough and your check engine light to come on.

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Order Genuine Kia Air Filters

If you are mechanically inclined and prefer to do your own vehicle maintenance, let our dealership help! With Serra Gardendale Kia, you can order genuine Kia replacement filters and parts. If need help finding the type of filter you need for your Kia, refer to your owner's manual or call and speak with one of our Kia service technicians.

How often do vehicle air filters need to be replaced?

Although each vehicle is different, it is recommended that drivers have the filters replaced on their vehicle every 12 months or 12,000 miles driven. For specific replacement interval and vehicle maintenance schedules, see your vehicle owner's manual. If you are unsure how long it's been since your last filter replacement, come to Serra Gardendale Kia and our technicians will inspect your filters and make recommendations as to replacement.

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