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When taking care of your vehicle's regularly scheduled maintenance, it's easy to overlook brake service. When people think of bringing their Kia in for service, it's typically for oil changes or tire rotations. But what about the system that is essential to daily driving? Brakes are an extremely important component in our vehicles and keeping up on the maintenance of your brakes should be a priority. At Serra Gardendale Kia we can inspect your brakes for you to make sure they're in working order and keep an eye out for any problems. We can also replace any necessary parts to keep your car running smoothly.


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When is it time to replace my brake pads?

The best way to determine when your brake pads need to be replaced is to listen to your car. When the brake pads on your car wear down to a certain point, they will make a screeching noise when the brake is applied. Some vehicles also have warning lights that will light up on your dashboard when your brake pads need replacing. Another way to know when your brake pads need to be replaced is to have them inspected by a technician when you bring your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance such as tire rotations and oil changes.

Get Genuine OEM Parts from Serra Gardendale Kia

When you bring your Kia to Serra Gardendale Kia for brake service, you can be sure you're getting genuine OEM parts for your vehicle. In addition to getting genuine brake pads, you can also get Kia parts for any piece of equipment on your Kia. You can even order genuine Kia accessories with our service department. And to make sure everything is installed correctly and efficiently, our team will even install your part for you!

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