Kia UVO eServices

Kia UVO eServices

Phone Calls

One of the simplest and most helpful features that the Kia UVO eServices system provides is the ability to make hands-free phone calls while driving.


No more texting and driving! Thanks to voice-command technology you can now message your friends and family hands-free while driving safely.


There are plenty of entertainment features that Kia UVO offers including the ability to stream music and podcasts, as well as access apps.

GPS Navigation

Thanks to the GPS navigation that UVO offers, you can get accurate turn-by-turn directions, as well as use the parking minder to see where you vehicle is parked.


You never need to worry about having to use a tire gauge or check your oil with UVO. It will give you accurate diagnostic updates right on the display screen.


The Bluetooth capability that goes along with Kia UVO eServices allows you to connect your phone to the vehicle and make phone calls, stream music and more.

What is Kia UVO eServices?

One of the most innovative new technologies that Kia has developed these past few years is Kia UVO eServices. What is Kia UVO eServices though? It is an integrated infotainment system that combines a multitude of different forward thinking technologies to provide drivers with a one-stop shop for everything they need when driving their Kia vehicle. Whether you want to make a phone call to a friend, get directions to your favorite restaurant, or play that song that was stuck in your head all day, it can all be done easily with Kia UVO eServices.

However, there is much more that drivers can do with UVO than just make phone calls and stream music. The system comes with the SiriusXM Travel Link which allows you to check the weather, see what fuel prices are, get sports scores, check movie listings, and see what traffic looks like up ahead. If there is some piece of information out there that you think you are missing out on, the SiriusXM Travel Link is a good place to start to try and find it.

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Kia UVO eServices Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Information Provided by UVO eServices

Another important feature of the Kia UVO eServices infotainment system is its maintenance and diagnostics aspects. Instead of having to check your Kia’s fluids and tire pressure, the UVO eServices features utilizes a number of sensors to do it for you. It also keeps track of when your vehicle needs its scheduled maintenance and will inform you. It can also run a full vehicle diagnostics check whenever you wish in case you think there is something wrong with your Kia.

If you were to have a serious problem, the UVO would send out a Critical Diagnostic Alert to inform the driver about it. You can also schedule diagnostic checks on your vehicle, as well as schedule future service appointments. If you were to be involved in an accident or your car broke down on the side of the road, UVO has roadside assistance to alert someone to come to your vehicle.

Anyone with additional questions regarding the Kia UVO eServices should contact a Serra Kia sales professional!